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Quik-guide to Quikscript!
if jM kAnt rId His,
then you need the King Plus font.
Every WEDNESDAY is WIZARD OF OZ DAY! Go to the LIBRARY section to read the latest transcribed segment!

KWIK-SCRAMBLE has been updated and upgraded! Check it out at the Fun Section.

Made the quikscript letters larger in size in the LIBRARY section for ease of reading.


Files are back! You can now download the fonts that I have made. Just use the original links as shown.

Our newest game is HERE! Check out KWIK-LADDER in the Fun Section. More words for this game are on their way!

Made guessed word text in "Word Guess" larger for increased visibility.


Fixed an issue with "Word Guess" where the letter "Q" was appearing before each dash.

QUIKSCRIPT OUTPOST now has a new home! After several years, this website has been forced to move to a new location! The transition has been relatively smooth but, because of restrictions, files are not yet able to be downloaded directly from this site. Please bear with me as I search for an acceptable solution for this restriction. Thank you. Files are now available. Thank you for waiting!

King Plus Monospace has been updated! Check it out in the fonts page.


Word Search! has been upgraded. The program itself was slightly optimized, it was given new words and now has a dynamically-changing word list for each puzzle! Now each puzzle truly is unique from one another! Go play it now!

Kwik-Scramble has been upgraded with new words and a better interface!

Welcome to the newly relaunched QUIKSCRIPT OUTPOST! After a long delay, the new look is here. While the HTML and CSS redesign may not be as bleeding-edge as other websites, the important component of any website is it's content: How much there is and how often more content is added. In the coming months, more content will be added. There are still several objectives that I would like to accomplish with this website.

No major relaunch is ever perfect - If there's a link that needs to be fixed or a formatting error of any type, LET ME KNOW! This website is for you, the Quikscript enthusiast, to enjoy at your leisure. It is a pleasure to present this site to you, knowing that you derive the same amount of pleasure out of browsing it as I have in creating and maintaining it.