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"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" Support Page

This is the support page for the quikscript transcription of the story "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Please do not link to this page from outside of the website as the URL address to this page might change and/or disappear. Thank you.

This page is provided to bring context to a new endeavor of attempting to transcribe into quikscript the entirety of the story "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and to answer anticipated frequently asked questions ("FAQ") about the endeavor.

The scope of the endeavor is three-fold:

I anticipate releasing seven new paragraphs, regardless of each paragraph's individual size, of reading material once every Wednesday. A full chapter per week is simply too demanding for both my schedule and my interests. New reading material will be designated in a different color for return viewers so that they can quickly discern what is newly-available to read. As with all endeavors, deadlines may slip and the amount of material may vary depending upon priorities outside of this website and this project.

The story "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" was written in 1900 and may contain words, phrases, thoughts, ideas, settings, scenarios or other concepts that people in modern times might construe as offensive to them or to others. The quikscript transcription of the story is not an endorsement of such offensive elements but is merely provided as a service to website readers for material to read in the quikscript alphabet.

The story "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" was written during a time when certain words were more frequently in use than with modern times. As a result, some words may be unfamiliar to modern readers. Also, as with all fictional stories, there are some fictional names (proper nouns) that may cause confusion (Proper Names are marked with a * below). No words have been modified; All words have been transcribed as-is. Below are those words deemed uncommon or may cause confusion with modern readers:

  • bade = bEd
  • bodices = bodisz
  • *Boq = bok
  • breakfasted = brekfastd
  • brocaded = brOkEdd
  • counterpane = kQntarpEn
  • cupboard = kabard
  • ermine = armin
  • forthwith = fYrTwiT
  • frock = frok
  • garret = gErit
  • *Gayalette = gEalet
  • gingham = giNam
  • gnashed = nASd
  • greensward = grInswyrd
  • hereafter = hIrAftar
  • *Kalidahs = kalIdaz
  • *Kansas = kAnzas
  • lain = lEn
  • *Munchkin = manckin
  • *Omaha = /Omahy
  • *Oz = oz
  • queerest = kwIrist
  • *Quelala = /kElyly
  • saucily = sYsili
  • settee = seti
  • shan't = SAn't
  • shod = Sod
  • silken = silkan
  • straightway = scrEtwE
  • vexed = veksd
  • *Winkies = /wiNkIz