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Lesson 3

It is beneficial to have a Quikscript font (preferably "King Plus Monospace" or "King Plus") installed on your system to view the Quikscript words & letters as they were intended to be viewed.

More Optional Letters
Advanced Abbreviations
Prefixes & Suffixes (part II)

More Optional Letters
The following letters are entirely optional for you to use. The first two ("LoCH" & "LLan") were designed to represent sounds native to Scottish, Welsh & Irish words. The next two represent the two "X" sounds (such as "NeXt" & "EXam").

Optional Letter
Sound LoCH LLan NeXt EXam

The "X" sounds should only be used for existing words that use the letter "X." So, no "thanx" (thanks) or "ex" (eggs). Words like "Xavier" & "Xylophone" do not use the "X" sounds at all. It is important to note that the "X" characters have been personally modified by myself. It was an artistic decision, based upon the fact that each letter could be written with only one pen stroke with the exception of the "X" sounds.

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Advanced Abbreviations
Beyond the eight accepted abbreviations in Lesson #1, there are other "official" abbreviations as well. While these abbreviations are not formal (For example, most people would not use "@" for the word "at," or "#" for the word "number" in a formal letter or memo), they would be widely recognized by other Quikscript enthusiasts.

English Word Quikscript
English Word Quikscript
are r she S
as a so s
before bf then Hn
but bt that Ht
from fm this Hs
good gd we w
have hv what `
make mk which c
me m will l
much mc with wi
on o would wd
shall Sl your jr
should Sd he h

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Prefixes & Suffixes (part II)

PREFIX Con-, Com-

When it is the first prefix in the word that has two or more sylabbles, the UNSTRESSED "Com-" or "Con-" is spelt km - or kn -, respectively. Otherwise, when it is stressed, it is spelt as it is pronounced.

When the "Com-" or "Con-" is NOT the first prefix in a word (ex. "incomplete"), the prefix is always spelt out.

Quikscript kam kmplIt kntEn kompitiSn konSas inkamplIt
T.O. come complete contain competition conscious incomplete

PREFIX Per-, Pur-

Whether the prefix is stressed or not, the prefix is always spelt par -.

This applies only to the prefix & not words where "Per-" or "Pur-" is a part of the root.

Quikscript parfYrm parswEd parcas parsM pIriad pjar
T.O. perform
period pure

SUFFIX -age, -iage

Unlike the Kingsley Read manual, there should be NO DISTINCTION between the spelling of suffixes -age & -iage. They are phonetically identical in American pronunciation.

For words of two sylabbles or more, both suffixes -age & -iage should always be spelt -iJ.

Again, where the suffix is a part of the root, it should be spelt as pronounced.

Quikscript mAniJ mEriJ kEJ crIyZ
T.O. manage marriage cage triage

PREFIX en-, in-

Unlike the Kingsley Read manual, the prefixes en- & in- should always be spelt en- & in-, REGARDLESS OF STRESS.

Quikscript endEnJar ensin insFt insidant

SUFFIX -al, -el, -le & -il

Where the "L" sound is final, omit any unstressed vowel sound between the "L" & the preceding consonant. Such as Tribal, Initial, Level, Rifle & Civil.

The vowel sound, though must be fully spelt out if there is another syllable afterwards. Examples include Finally, Officially & Levelling.

Where there are two vowel sounds preceding the "L" sound, both vowel sounds must be spelt out. Examples include Burial, Visual & Loyal.

Quikscript levl rFfl rFfalman lqal
T.O. level rifle rifleman loyal

SUFFIX -en & -on

When the final suffix is -en or -on, it is always written as - an.

SUFFIX -ally, -able, -ably, -ible & -ibly

The suffixes are always written as follows (although you may also use the "alternate U" character) :

- uli - abl - abl - abli - abli
Suffix -ally -able -ible -ably -ibly

SUFFIX -tion, -ssion, -shion, -cean, -sion, -gion, -ation, -asion

The vowel sound is omitted between the consonant sound & the "N." Use of the "Alternate N" is encouraged but not required. It is used in these examples.

Suffix -tion -ssion -shion -cean -sion -gion -ation -asion

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While it might look like a lot to learn, imagine what someone must go through to attain a sufficient level of English understanding. "I before E except after C" (with numerous exceptions), silent letters that permeate any number of words (knight, debt, bow), inconsistent pronunciation despite the same spelling (church, school, chute) for any number of letters & letter combinations...

No, Quikscript is not the PERFECT solution towards our spelling woes. There is NO perfect solution that will satisfy everyone. What Quikscript represents IS a better solution to our current spelling fiasco. It is better then what we have now - Virtually arbitrary spellings of new words using new ways to malign existing letters & letter combinations. The current standard alphabet is overtaxed with an influx of new words that everyone feels must be spelt differently & sound differently from any other word. How many more contradictory spellings & pronunciations will emerge in the future?

That decision is ultimately left up to you.

What is YOUR breaking point? When will YOU start to care?

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