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This application requires that javascript is TURNED ON. For your benefit, the entire javascript application is on display in the "qjavascript" folder under the same name as this webpage. Please look at the javascript code to ensure, for yourself, that no malicious code has been written into it. If you do not feel safe turning on javascript to use this application, then I encourage you to use the other training exercises here. Thank you.

Word Search

Welcome to the newly-refurbished Word Search! These puzzles are dynamically-created during each "refresh" of your web browser... No two puzzles are exactly the same! These puzzles work just like regular "word search" puzzles - Print it out, find the words & then circle them in the grid of letters below. Be careful... Some of the words may be spelt backwards. This application requires King Plus Monospace so that it can be shown as it was originally intended to be seen.

Words :

NOTE - Due to the dynamic nature of the puzzle, there are no guarantees that an inappropriate word might be formed inside the puzzle. Parents are advised to inspect the puzzle for appropriateness before allowing those whom they are responsible for to view it.