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This application requires that javascript is TURNED ON. For your benefit, the entire javascript application is on display in the "qjavascript" folder under the same name as this webpage. Please look at the javascript code to ensure, for yourself, that no malicious code has been written into it. If you do not feel safe turning on javascript to use this application, then I encourage you to use the other training exercises here. Thank you.

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One Two Three
This is a slot machine with 3 rollers, each roller having an identical set of the Quikscript alphabet on it. To play, press either the "one," "two" or "three" radio buttons below the "Spin" button. This indicates what kind of 'bet' you'd like to make.
  • Pressing ONE means that you expect to see at least one of the eight standard single-letter abbreviations that the Quikscript alphabet has on at least one of the three rollers. As long as at least one of those abbreviations appears, you will gain money, as shown below...
    • One abbreviation = +1
    • Two abbreviations = +2
    • Three abbreviations = +3
    • NO abbreviations = -2
  • Pressing TWO means that you expect to see a two-letter Quikscript word, going from left to right, amongst the 3 rollers. There are three possibilities for this to occur : The 1st & 2nd rollers forms the word, the 2nd & 3rd rollers forms the word or the 1st & 3rd rollers forms the word. Only one two-letter word will be credited.
    • One two-letter word = +100
    • NO two-letter words = -4
  • Pressing THREE means that you expect to see a three-letter Quikscript word, going from left to right, amongst the 3 rollers.
    • One three-letter word = +500
    • NO three-letter words = -8
Once you press which betting option you would like to use, press the "Spin" button. This will 'spin' the rollers & display a random Quikscript letter on each roller. From these letters will be determined whether you gain or lose money. A roller's background that displays a Quikscript letter favorable to your betting option will change to a deep red. The "Results" field will also change color & indicate that you have won for that particular spin.
Two-word combinations Three-word combinations
pp - `M Np - MM pp - `M Np - MM
pE - pay
pF - pie
bI - bee
bE - bay
bF - buy, by
bq - boy
bQ - bow (ship, nod)
bO - bow (weapon)
tI - tea
tO - toe
tM - too, two
dM - dew, due
HE - they
nO - know, no
plE - play
plQ - plow
pik - pick
pig - pig
pic - pitch
pin - pin
pIs - peace, piece
pet - pet
pen - pen
pEd - paid
pEJ - page
pEn - pain
pEl - pale, pail
pEr - pair, pear
pAk - pack
pAT - path
pAs - pass
pFp - pipe
pFn - pine
pFl - pile
pYr - poor, pour
bAt - bat
bOt - boat
kYt - caught
sIl - seal
hit - hit
lMs - loose
rFt - right, rite