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This application requires that javascript is TURNED ON. For your benefit, the entire javascript application is on display in the "qjavascript" folder under the same name as this webpage. Please look at the javascript code to ensure, for yourself, that no malicious code has been written into it. If you do not feel safe turning on javascript to use this application, then I encourage you to use the other training exercises here. Thank you.


In the red field is a scrambled Quikscript word for an animal. Unscramble the word & type your answer into the blue field. Press "Check My Answer" to see if your answer is correct. If you are correct, you will see the English alphabet equivalent of the word in the green field. If you can not unscramble the word, press "I Give Up" & the answer will automatically appear in the blue field (this will also generate a new scrambled word). Press "Check My Answer" to generate a new scrambled word. This application requires a Quikscript TrueType font (like King Plus) so that it can be shown as it was originally intended to be seen.

Scrambled word

Quikscript Answer

English Answer