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It is beneficial to have a Quikscript font (preferably "King Plus" or "kingsley") installed on your system to view the Quikscript words as they were intended to be viewed.

Even though words in Quikscript are spelt phonetically, there is a "right" & "wrong" way to pronounce (and, therefore, spell) words.

This dictionary project is my own humble attempt at forming a standardized dictionary of common English words. It is based on American pronunciation. The Quikscript alphabet & spelling scheme was devised for & based on British pronunciation. As there are legitimate differences between American & British pronunciation of words, some rules from the Quikscript manual must be altered to recognize those differences. These differences can be found by reading the online tutorial for Quikscript on this website.

I realize that there have already been prior attempts at such a project that have succeeded in their goals. However, none of those projects, to the best of my knowledge, are posted on the Internet in a browser-ready format for easy accessibility. It is my belief that such a dictionary must be readily available to all newcomers to the alphabet in order for the alphabet to prosper to it's best potential.

The dictionary will spell words using Junior Quikscript letters ONLY. There will be no half-letters, optional letters or compound letters used. Since all Quikscript words can be spelt using the 40 letters of the Junior Quikscript alphabet, it will be assumed from here on out that these spellings are the only formal presentation of those words. Translation of those words to a Senior Quikscript format are most certainly possible (for example, substituting ligeratures for grouped letters) & their usage is encouraged for those wanting to write in a Senior Quikscript format. However, they will not be displayed in the dictionary.

The order of the Quikscript alphabet will be as they are on page 3 of the Quikscript manual. This will be how the Quikscript alphabet is alphabetized when viewing a "Quikscript to English" list. No formal names (with the exception of geographically-based names) will be in the dictionary.